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Future-ready learning should be flexible, adaptable, location-independent, and globally accessible at any time. All of this is possible with LabSoft by Lucas-Nuelle.

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No worries, no data will be deleted - all courses and user information will remain unchanged, and the Classroom Manager will continue to be fully functional.

Compatible with all current LN courses.

System requirements: Windows 10, 11.


LabSoft in numbers!


We offer courses from 15 different product areas


Our virtual instruments replace real measuring instrument


Courses that can be used worldwide


Shortened laboratory times

With a clear dashboard, you always have a quick overview of all your courses. The fast course selection allows you to directly access the desired course without any detours. Additionally, your recently accessed courses are highlighted, allowing you to seamlessly continue where you left off. Furthermore, LabSoft provides a clear oversight of your learning progress in each of your courses, enabling you to effectively track and achieve your learning goals. Discover a new dimension of digital learning with LabSoft.

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Discover the latest version of LabSoft, which provides you with familiar features and can be used both online (LMS) and offline. Regardless of your internet connection, LabSoft allows you to have a seamless and efficient learning experience. With a variety of features and a user-friendly interface, LabSoft is the ideal solution for modern digital learning - whether online or offline. Immerse yourself in a new dimension of learning with LabSoft.

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The Perfect Solution

LabSoft offers a multitude of benefits that make learning with Lucas-Nuelle training systems even more extensive and effective. Thanks to the additional compatibility with most learning platforms, our courses can be used anytime and anywhere. As part of our commitment to delivering comprehensive customer benefits, we proudly offer a tailored service package for implementing and setting up our LabSoft courses in your preferred learning environment. To put it simply: LabSoft empowers future-oriented learning with an extra boost of power!


Personalized Learning Progress

Gain a comprehensive overview of all your courses and your individual learning progress. This allows you to quickly identify and address any learning gaps effectively. With LabSoft, you have full control over your learning journey.


Clear Dashboard

The user-friendly dashboard of LabSoft offers a clear and quick overview of all your courses and activities. Its intuitive design empowers efficient navigation and optimal management of your learning objectives. With LabSoft: Keep Your Learning in Sight!

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Efficient Search

The powerful search function of LabSoft allows you to find the desired information quickly and accurately. With its intuitive operation and precise results, it optimizes your learning process and saves valuable time. With LabSoft, the required information is just one click away.

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